What London looks like in your eyes

London is a major hub of the British Empire and disdain for the world when she embraced the unique history, the city is full of vitality, while indulging in cultural dances and art blend in fully embodies the typical British style. The world can accommodate diverse cultural and ethnic few cities, London can be regarded as among the best. It’s from London to simultaneously deal with the emergency service hotline for help 150 languages are evident.

Shoulder Mount heel pick of the city’s buildings everywhere, but everywhere vast lush green garden; urban style blends of Roman ruins, medieval town planning and architecture in an avant-garde art. In addition, London’s theaters, museums, galleries and music and other cultural charm shine, everywhere travelers from around the world, and respected Tate Museum of Modern Art and Design love more attracted countless people in the design and avant-garde art come here.

Not only that, today, English breakfast restaurant culture in London is no longer dominate, catering in this vibrant city, everywhere you can enjoy all kinds of delicacies. London is certainly great beauty everywhere, but most people will tell you that in London, the city’s landscape is the best in the Waterloo Bridge: on the west along the Thames and is expected to Capitol; east you can see the lights in the city tall; north to the location of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden; south to the National Grand Theater, Festival Hall and the London Eye.

Wild in London, with the most popular, Oxford Street, Chelsea rich area of King’s Road, like the river walk, cherished artistic temperament but also to the South Bank to see.

Old Bond Street is one of London’s most fashionable streets of colors to a close friend of King Charles II named after Sir Thomas Bond. the eighteenth century are a fashion shopper’s paradise.

Bond Street from Piccadilly has been extended to Mayfair, streets are lined with boutiques, top luxury brands, jewelry, antiques, art wares. Here is the essence of shopping in UK.

Bond Street and Brick Lane are the opposite of this one creative world. Countless unique whimsy galleries, exhibitions, a variety of novelty shops, design studios, a variety of markets, as well as fancy dress, energetic young man, to bring here the infinite vitality.

In Monmouth Coffee refreshing drink coffee, eat a little breakfast specialty store, then forward it to the east, across the Tower Bridge to bask in the 11th century tower of London. Then jump on the Thames water bus from Tower Bridge Pier drove all the way west.